How Much Does It Cost to Build a website in 2022?

After the pandemic, the world entirely switched from brick & mortar to digital space. Facebook launched its own online store that helps general retail store owners start selling their products. 

Similarly, the development of commerce became the talk of the town. Alon with that we witnessed many improvements with respect to features and performance. If I just talk about the renowned ecommerce platform Adobe Commerce, the entire team has started releasing the three major versions and a bunch of bug fixes and security patches. 

So, digital presence has achieved some of the major milestones and led up to the next level of achievements. If you’re looking to learn more about website pricing or the cost of custom website design then this blog is just for you.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it. 

Domain Name

So, the first thing you need is your brand name, and when you start building your own websites. Then, you need to choose a domain which catchy, easy to remember and resonates with your business or the product you sell in the digital world or tend to. 

When you start a brainstorming session with your team, you might need a long session and invest time to do it. Because once you decide then there’s no process to revert it. Therefore, whatever you select should reflect your business goals. So, there’re two schools of thought in order to buy a domain name; the first is you can buy a brand-new domain name or the next is to purchase an expired domain. However, what you choose reflects the entire cost of developing a website.  

If I talk about the new domains then, it could cost you around $10 – $15 per year. However, the old domain costing depends on the availability and what the seller offer.

Let’s summarize that you need to spend $15 per year for domain registration.

Website Hosting

Once you’re done buying with your domain then, the next important thing is selecting the hosting. Remember one thing before any website hosting is that “hosting can make you or break you.”

Therefore, choosing the hosting would be a technical part because it requires the understating of the use case or the usage that you want to avail with hosting.  Let’s divide this thought into two different sections one is a dynamic website which means landing pages or different company websites. And, the second is ecommerce on which you have thousands of products.

So, if I assume that you want to go with the blogging website or any static website then it would cost you around $12 per month with managed cloud hosting services. If you want to go with the shared plan then it would start at $25 – $50 per month. 

Now, let’s talk about the big fish. If you’re dealing in ecommerce then the minimum pricing plan would be more than $42 per month with managed hosting services. Keep in mind, that the pricing still can vary depending on the number of products and traffic you’re getting at your online store. 

It’s my personal recommendation that I never recommend or use shared hosting for ecommerce stores. Always pick a cloud hosting solution and make your life peaceful. 

Website Builders

Website builders can make life much easier. The entire static website could go live within a few hours. Let’s discuss some of the easy-to-go website builders along with their pricing plans. 


WordPress is one of the most popular and unbeatable website builders and content management system for many years. The entire system is really user-friendly and allows tons of advanced features. And, if I talk about the pricing for installing a WordPress then, it would cost you nothing. 


Wix isn’t a free website builder however, it’s one of the easiest platforms that doesn’t require any technical or prior knowledge to use it. The Wix offers you advanced image editing options, multiple payment methods, allows you to add blogs, and free multilingual fonts. Not only that, but you can also have responsive layouts, SEO optimization and100s of templates.

You can also upgrade to the premium plans that cost $24/mo.

GoDaddy Website Builder 

GoDaddy Website Builder works around the 5 quick steps. First, you need to pick a template that doesn’t cost you a single penny. Second, add your content to let the audience know what your business does. Then, manage everything from the single dashboard and if you want to upgrade your plan then you can always opt to with $9.99/mo. 

Ecommerce Platforms

When we talk about e-commerce services then the costing becomes more complex and expensive. If you’re making up your mind to develop an ecommerce store then, here’re are some of the great suggestions:

Magento Commerce

Magento comes up with multiple variants one is open-source that doesn’t cost anything for using the tool. On the other hand, the developer has a huge cost due to the complexity and knowledge required from the platform. So, if I shared the hourly rate of Magento you will be surprised and it goes like $100 – $175/hr in the USA and Canada region.  


WooCommerce is the free WordPress plugin that allows you to build an online store with custom variable products, SEO optimization, a bunch of custom functionality, integrations powerful analytics and easy to use the best part is it is open source. 


Shopify offers the two major categories to kick off and dive into the ecommerce industry one is selling the products and setting up the store which stores themes. So, selling the product gives you assistance with the product selection and then you can start selling them.  With store theme, you can have the selection from the huge list of themes related to different niches and the pricing starts from $0 – $300+.

Conclusion: How Much Budget You to Keep in Mind for a Website?

So, in general, the basics could be started and launched within $100 dollars if you’re taking care of the development process by using any free website builder. Otherwise, eCommerce and heavy tech-savvy websites could cost you thousands of dollars. The more you work around and add the features, the more it would become costly.  

I hope, for now, you have got the idea of what factors you need to look for while building the website and how much it would cost you.

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