Fashion Advice For College Students: 10 Guidelines to Follow

Your post secondary experience will be a core era of your life. Who you identified as a person, and how you grew overtime is an important part of your time at college/university. Many of us express ourselves through clothing via our sense of fashion. Finding the wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, personality, and makes you feel comfortable is important. Many college students feel pressured to wear the exact outfits as the majority of their school to fit in. This behavioral pattern is a huge mistake that has been repeated all throughout history. Here is fashion advice for college students: these are the 10 guidelines you must follow.

Pick Flattering Clothes

Different types of clothing flatter different people. Your body type, size, height, and outfit intentions all factor into what clothing will flatter you. Though we can have a closet full of clothes, we may not feel as young we have anything to wear. This is usually because we often buy clothing that doesn’t flatter us and make us feel comfortable. Discovering what your body type is can help you find clothing cuts and styles that will appear best on your figure. We all can look incredible in any clothing, but dressing according to the correct body type has helped many individuals find solace in their wardrobe.

  • Invest in Quality Clothing

College students can’t afford to be constantly buying new clothing on a regular basis. “This is why it’s helpful to invest in quality clothing pieces that will last so repurchasing clothing isn’t a common occurrence. If your clothes are cheaply made, they won’t last, making them a waste of money,” declares Samantha Roberts, educational writer at Custom Coursework. You don’t need to spend $100 on a pair of pants or $250 on a pair of shoes or $50 on a t-shirt. There are tons of high quality brands that are affordable. Buy some top, bottom, undergarment, outwear, and shoe essentials that can be paired with any other clothing pieces. As long as you have a few high quality clothing pieces in each category, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing clothes at a rapid pace.

  • Simple Pieces
Fashion Advice For College Students: 10 Guidelines to Follow

While it’s useful to have clothing for a special occasion, and unique items in your wardrobe, prioritize buying simple pieces that are easy to style. Clothing that is neutral or solid colored makes choosing outfits a faster process. This is because you can match more pieces than if you had an extremely mixed wardrobe. If your wardrobe is over saturated in multi-colored, pattern heavy, inconsistent clothing, it will be hard to style outfits. You should have neutral colored shoes, pants, tops along with a few pieces that are bright, and exciting. These simple pieces will never go out of style, and will guarantee easy outfit planning for most instances.

  • Budget Friendly Fashion

While quality clothing is important, sometimes when we need to replace clothing, relying on budget friendly fashion is one of our only options. Though fast fashion companies have negative values, when necessary, there are cheap clothing options available. Amazon, Walmart, and a variety of stores found in malls typically have cheap clothing. This type of fashion should only be consumed in small amounts, and only if you will end up wearing the pieces a decent amount of times.

  • Timeless Pieces
Fashion Advice For College Students: 10 Guidelines to Follow

Having timeless pieces in your wardrobe can help you keep clothing in your wardrobe for decades. No matter what trends, or fashion you are currently interested in, some pieces are always relevant to your wardrobe needs. Things like a good pair of blue jeans, a black winter jacket, gold or silver jewelry, and a basic white t-shirt are examples of timeless clothing pieces. If you are wanting to obtain timeless pieces, ask your parents and other elders about what clothing they have consistently worn throughout their life. This insight will give you a better idea of what clothing you should have in your wardrobe.

  • Don’t Indulge in Every Trend

Feeling included in every clothing trend can lead to you wasting hundreds of dollars on clothing you will only wear once. While it’s okay to appreciate trends and buy popular items you’ll end up wearing for a long duration of time, many young people feel that they have to be trendy. Don’t buy a clothing item just because everyone else is wearing it. Influencers have been one of the worst voices in the fashion industry because they have caused millions of people to be pressured into buying into trends. Social media has taken the toxicity and negative impact of fashion trends to the next level. Many feel guilty if they don’t have the newest, trendiest items. Don’t fall susceptible to these ill intended trends, and stay true to your fashion style.

  • Student Discounts
Fashion Advice For College Students: 10 Guidelines to Follow

A vast variety of brands offer student discounts to make shopping more accessible for those attending post secondary institutions. You can go in store and ask if you are able to get any student discounts for attending college, or check out known sites that accept them online. All you need is to upload your student I.D while shopping online, or bring it with you in person. This can help you afford higher quality brands, and access clothing easier than before. Student discounts are often forgotten about, though thousands of brands offer them. Research what brands allow you to receive discounts.

  • Thrift Shopping

Thankfully, it is now widely acceptable to thrift clothing. Many people have resorted to buying second hand clothing to fulfill their wardrobe needs. Modern thrift shopping can be done online and in person. Depop and Poshmark are two popular reselling sites that have a range of affordable and expensive clothing for consumers to buy. Younger individuals have been more likely to thrift, and college students are partaking in this easier way to afford clothing on a budget. You can find really anything at the thrift store, from the perfect sweater to cozy leggings to wear around campus.

  • Resell Your Clothes

If you need to find a budget to buy clothing you’ll actually feel satisfied in and wear, resell clothing you no longer want or need. You can make a decent amount of money reselling clothes because of the expanding thrift consumer market. Like mentioned previously, Depop and Poshmark are two online platforms that allow individuals to resell items like clothing. You can also use the money you earn from reselling online to go directly to buying clothing from other sellers on these sites.

  • Stay True to You

At the end of the day, you should wear clothes that make you happy. Don’t let others judge your style, and don’t feel inclined to wear any pieces that make you feel uncomfortable. Fashion is an individual thing, and that’s what makes it a fun part of life. You can meet many friends by dressing authentically since your clothing is an opportunity to start a conversion. Others may complement your style, and have a similar taste in clothing. Wear what you want, and customize your wardrobe to your own liking.

Staying stylish and affording clothes is achievable as a college student. Utilize your discounts, shop deals, invest in staple clothing pieces, and express your style through your wardrobe.

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