Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tor Web Browser

New generations of exchange technology are focused on maximum privacy and security, and various ways are enforced to maintain them. Censorship is a weapon to protect privacy, but the major weapon is the Tor browser in web browsing with privacy and security. The motto of the tor web browser is to keep the information secret and limited along with “Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance.”

Before knowing the purpose of the tor web browser, do we understand what tor web browser is?

What is a tor web browser?

Tor stands for ‘the onion router’ because its information is encrypted layer by layer. An internet web browser allows users to surf the web anonymously. It is an open-source privacy network, and the Tor browser erases your browser history automatically with every session.

This browser was taken care of by a nonprofit organization as a part of tor project in 2008. It is a modified version of the Firefox web browser.

One of the prominent features of the tor web is that it gives you access to the dark web, and due to this function, some countries block tor web completely. The dark web is hidden and un-indexed by websites on the Internet.

Originally the tor network was developed by the U.S navy to enable anonymous online communication for a military organization, but later, in 2006 military dropped this project which a nonprofit organization has since handled.

Nowadays, this web is developing some more features to enhance security and privacy altogether.

How does tor web work?

To improve security and privacy, tor web work systematically. Tor browsers use a vast worldwide server network to hide the user’s personal information such as IP address and encrypt the information.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tor Web Browser

This means tor web will make it impossible to identify the user; it will stumble on the last server data traffic passed through.

For suffering on the web anonymously, it is better to use a tor browser instead of another; along with this advantage, there is one disadvantage which is, if you use this technology for internet suffering, you might get stuck with a slower internet connection because your online traffic is sent through different nodes. The main objective of this web is security and privacy.

The purpose of using tor web?

Roger Dingledine, an American computer scientist, known for having co-founded the tor project, denotes that; tor is a tool that can be used for legal and criminal purposes.

Hence, many people can use the tor web for anonymous privacy, but this legal institution also has an approach to tor web.

Many governmental departments, political entities, and journalists use tor to circumvent censorship.

Popular media like BBC and ProPublica have an “onion website.”

Journalists and other legal entities use tor web to secure their sources, but it is completely banned in authoritarian regimes.

In contrast, many illegal organizations use this technology for criminal purposes and use the dark web, which is a dangerous activity.

What is the dark web: The tor web is the browser which provides access to the dark web. Dark web features a website you can’t access through normal search engines. This part of the website is dangerous and shows all sorts of shady things.

The dark web is a hub of unregulated websites, meaning we can find pirated moves to black marketing, illegal drugs, and child porn there.

To understand the dark web profoundly, we must look into the Internet’s integral parts.

The Internet is categorized into three parts: surface web, deep web, and dark web.

Here the deep web and dark web are not used by all sections of society because they could be dangerous.

Surface web 

  • Publicly available website.
  • Search engine

Deep websites 

  • Medical information
  • Legal documents 
  • Scientific documents

Dark website

  • Illegal websites and information.

advantages of tor web 

  • Open-source / free software.
  • Public design documents and specifications.
  • Publicly identified developers.
  • Not a contradiction; privacy is about choice.
  • Transparency for tor is key.
  • Hide IP address.
  • Bypass geographical restriction.

Disadvantages of tor web

  • Slow connection, as it goes layer by layer to nodes, might slow the connection.
  • Security is limited to the tor browser only.
  • A red flag means if there is frequent use of tor web, govt can find anything suspicious, they can put the user on surveillance.

Is tor web legal in India? 

India is a democratic nation with a federal government that always keeps checks and balances over its citizens. Apart from this, tor web is legal in India for security purposes.

What Research Says About Tor Web Browser

There is a purpose behind the use of tor web, which is the anonymity and security of the data source. There is nothing illegal in anonymity, but this does not mean that the dark web is legal in India as it contains illegal content.

How has it benefited countries?

Let us take an example of any criminal activities such as terrorist attacks or smuggling. As this whole world has gone digital, it has become impossible to access the other domain of life without using this technology. Similarly, In this case of illegal activities, specific government organizations can monitor the suspected groups and put them on tracing mode. It will help the government to understand the source of the illegal activities and keep check and balance. If, in any case, those organizations are found guilty, then the government has to take serious action against them.

It will help improve the reliability of people over government and become a cornerstone of democratic rules and regulation.

Careful while using tor-browser

It is a fact that tor web is more conscious about privacy and security, but in some cases, it might become a hindrance to your security. For that reason, Playing in safer sites of the technologies is better.

It became necessary to use a secure VPN. and not click on those links you don’t trust.


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