Best Monsoon Fashion – How to dress in monsoon

The Monsoon season is characterized by frequent rainfall, potholes, the fragrance of damp earth, and, most important, the temperature that changes from humidity to wetness. So, it is not easy to dress for the monsoon. In fact, monsoon can be the most confusing season when we talk about dressing. Although, after the oppressive heat, the rain makes the weather cooler, but still, the humidity and rain stains can ruin your clothes. 

Here, we list the evergreen Monsoon fashion trends you can follow this monsoon effortlessly without any worry. So, scroll down for the latest fashion tips during this monsoon.

Consider Cotton Clothes

Best Monsoon Fashion – How to dress in monsoon

Cotton is one of the safest and most trustworthy fabrics for rainy seasons. It is one of the safe bets if you have a desire for comfort and fashion at the same moment. It is one of the most reliable fabrics for the monsoon clothes. Women can prefer wearing a cotton saree or dress for parties or dinner, and it will look chic yet comfortable. The cotton shirts and dresses are the most suitable outfit for the boys. 

Umbrella: The New Essential

Rainwater destroys fabrics of clothes due to its high acidic nature. Chances are, your new timepieces lose their charm and fade early after coming in contact. Also, wet clothes aren’t a good choice for the skin in the monsoon. As a result, taking an umbrella with you is necessary for any outing on rainy days. When talking about a trend, stylish umbrellas have made their way to the wardrobe of the latest fashion. So, why should you stay behind? Picking an umbrella filled out with vibrant colors can uplift your look instantly. And most importantly, it will save your skin, hair, and clothes from acidic rain.   

Glam With Waterproof Jacket

Less popular in Indian streets, Waterproof Jackets are a direct way to shine differently in the room and make an impact. We’re sure that you won’t get a better chance to style yourself and look better without an umbrella in the monsoon. Moreover, you can style it anyhow, zip it up during rain, or zip it down to make it look like a layer of shrug or jacket. The best part is that both males and females can follow this trend as jackets act as layering to attire and pick any look. 

Avoid Full-Length Bottoms

Shorts and short skirts are the most convenient to wear in monsoon. Walking in the monsoon season is less fun when walking with wet or muddy bottoms. So, avoiding palazzos, wide-leg pants, slim fit, or midi skirts is advised. Well, whatever you wear depends on the occasion, for the party you might go in a mini dress as it one of the best dress for monsoon. You might prefer a blazer dress for work. You must choose breathable and light fabrics like cotton as a soft material that dries up quickly and will be comfortable in humidity. It would be best if you avoided synthetic clothes.

Pick Strappy Footwear

Wearing dirty shoes leaves a bad impression on your friends or professionals and should be avoided at any cost. In this monsoon, you can try wearing shoes with straps instead of plain Oxfords or Loafers. Also, if you have any suede or velvet shoes, don’t ever try to wear them out in the rain unless you want to get their fabric, shine, and look destroyed. Strappy shoes are a new common of monsoon fashion footwear. Have a pair of rubber shoes or flip-flops too. 


That’s not all, and it almost suits any attire easy to remove. In addition, if you have picked perfect waterproof strappy shoes, you don’t even have to care about water or mud entering your feet as they ooze out any water inside them.

Say No to Body-hugging clothes.

If you’ve experienced wearing a wet tight outfit, you don’t need to get confused again. Choose loose and comfortable attire every time in monsoon. The situation worsens when it rains, which is unpreventable in monsoon. Wet clothes harm the skin’s healthy bacteria and cause itchiness and other skin infections. The problem doesn’t end here; when you sweat under wet and tight clothes, you smell bad, which isn’t good at all.

Try waterproof purses, bags, and pouches. 

Best Monsoon Fashion – How to dress in monsoon

The waterproof purses, bags, and pouches are one among the latest fashion trends. No matter if you are a girl or a boy and how you style yourself in the monsoon, where will you store your essentials like money, cards, phone devices, etc., during sudden rain? Relying totally on an umbrella or rain jacket isn’t a good idea. Instead, add waterproof purses, bags, and pouches to your wardrobe and use them to avoid rainwater harming any of your essentials. New fashionable rainproof purses and pouches have hit the Indian markets lately. So, here is another chance for you to flaunt new patterns and colors to your attire and make it more detailed. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to choose suitable monsoon clothes, follow our simple advice. Purchase a water-resistant watch and a waterproof bag to wear as accessories to enhance your sense of fashion.

Don’t let the rain make you feel down; have fun with your latest fashion. Never forget that a little bit of dressing up can cure any mood change and fill your wardrobe with latest collection of the dress for monsoon.

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