Agneepath Scheme 2022- Agniveer, Age Limit, Salary in Indian Army

The government of India introduced a scheme on the 14th of June 2022 which is the Agniveer Agneepath scheme. This Agniveer Agnipath Scheme will surely bring a change in the paradigm of human resource management in the arm forces. It is a turning point for youngsters, and from this point, they acquire ground-level training and know what actual nation serving is.

Our defense minister Rajnath Singh has announced this scheme along with the chiefs of the army. 

According to the defense ministry, the objectives of this scheme are “To Provide Chance To a Youth” and “Need and Necessity”, “Service Before Self”

The vision behind this scheme

  • Initiate – intake and retention which will help to evolve the diversified youth along with tech-savvy. It promotes new technologies in the arm forces and youth are the better option in this case.
  • It will ultimately provide a platform for youngsters where they can take life learning lessons and serve the nation.
  • India is enriched by the pool of talent and every youngster has a dream to join the Indian defense force and this scheme is the chance to convert their dream into aims.
  • It is a nation-first scheme where every youngster is aware of the passion of the Indian army.

Objectives of this scheme

  • This scheme is a transformative scheme that will lead to a modern and well-equipped nation.
  • Youth profile – Indian armed force profile.
  • Increase in employment opportunities.
  • Inculcating skills and making them tech-savvy, and training them as a modern fighting force- soldier centric.
  • It is a nation that needs:bcoz all we are aware that in the international forum everyone is in the pursuit of realist ideology and due to the security reason the government of India wants to invest its youth power and boost up patriotism.

Concept of Agneepath

Agneepath Scheme 2022- Agniveer, Age Limit, Salary in Indian Army

The concept of Agneepath is very new to India, and this concept brings a lot of light to the life of aspirants. 

The defense minister mentioned that in recruitment policy, agniveer will be recruited for a short period and could be for a long period but only 25% of agniveer, others have to discontinue the service but they will be benefits in other sectors of the society and nurture the core value of patriotism.

Major highlights of this scheme

  • Youngsters will be recruited for a 4 yrs of the period with attractive salary packages.
  • Age criteria will be 17.5 to 21 years means only this age group will get this opportunity.
  • 10th and 12th students are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Training time will be 10 weeks to 6 months.
  • This scheme is progressively based on service requirements so men and women both can join this.
  • Medical and physical fitness standards as per the extant norms.
  • 46,000 agniveers to be recruited this year.
  • Armed forces to have a younger, fitter, diverse, profile for facing challenges.
  • The first rally of the agniveer in 90 days will start from the 14th of June.

 Seva Nidhi packages 

  • Yearly pay packages will be – 4.76 lakhs in the first year to 6.92 lakhs in 4th year.
  • Risk and Hardship and other allowances are applicable.
  • On completion of 4 years of service – approximately 11.7 lakhs including contribution and interest.
  • 30% of monthly emoluments to be contributed by the Agniveers and an equal matching amount will be contributed by the government.
  • Income tax exempt.googl

These are the attractive benefits that Agniveer can take. Apart from this, there are some provisions if any of the soldier martyred and found disabled.

Those are discussed below:

There is non-contributory insurance being kept for all Agniveers which is more than 1 crore including the benefits of Seva Nidhi and get full pay for the unserved portion.

Just in case an agniveer gets disabled during the time to serve the nation they will get up to 44 lakhs based on the percentage of the disability. Get full pay for the unreserved portion along with Seva Nidhi.

Service Before Self: Agniveer 

This 4-year service is providing a lot of chances to the youngsters. It is making the Indian army stronger and full of youth. In the interview, general Pandey told the conference that “it is a step towards integration of diverse youth into a single threat and purely focused on Assimilation and Integration of the agniveer into the system which is an important aspect”.

This whole new concept brings to light a motto of service before self; but 

At the same point, it shows a few backdrops of this scheme such as what will those 75% agniveer do after retirement at an early age?

This has become a matter of discussion because the age between 17 to 21 is prime age. 

As it is a kind of contractual duty what will be the security that another fellow member will treat them equally?

These are the questions that are spreading into the air and for that reason, the Indian govt assures that those who served the Indian army as agniveer they will get future benefits not only in terms of money but preferences too.

They will accumulate enough money and with the help of that, they can claim a loan and start a new business. They will get preference in the new opportunity of life along with they will nurture traits such as discipline, enthusiasm, and positive approaches to the problem at an early age.

It’s mentioned that it’s a need for the nation and based on service before self. It’s a good opportunity for the youngsters to come into the field of defense.

Challenges to be overcome 

  • Technical methods In the field of the Indian army each soldier required special training which possesses long duration but in the case of this scheme soldiers will get short-term training. The Chief of military acknowledged that they will provide technical training to the agniveer with the help of special technology which will reduce the duration of the training period and improve the effectiveness. It will help the Indian army to fulfill operational requirements.


  • ITI qualified Agniveers – To conquer the problem regarding the Indian navy, the army chief decided to give priority to the ITI-qualified youth because they will easily understand the technicality of the navy training.

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